This blog is a thought garden.  That means it NOT not a painting of a garden that is “finished”.  It is NOT a collection of “finished” and polished articles and ideas designed to SELL something.

It is a place for my deepest thoughts and ideas that are crying out to be expressed and organized and cultivated to bloom into finished ideas.

My ideas don’t bloom well isolation.  I need to engage with other deep thinkers who care about understanding the same things I do.

This blog is a place for me to share my steams of consciousness in writing rather than driving my family and friends crazy.  LOL  It’s  a garden that I’ve made public, and opened up for commenting and subscribing, because I want to find my “tribel”

I want to find other insight addicts like me who want to understand why life as an insight addict can feel so painful at times and what we can do to make our lives easier without selling our souls.  I want to find a small group of like minded people to join me in conversation and help me cultivate, feed, and weed my ideas so that they might have a chance to bloom.

It’s about having a place to share LIVE and real time without the pressure of perfecting my ideas first.  I’m letting it all hang out here. So if that bothers you, I suggest you don’t subscribe to the blog updates.  You should probably wait for the finished book.  Cuz it will drive you crazy seeing how often I edit the posts here.  You might hate the typos and awkward wording and frequent digressions as one idea leads to another.  Sure I’ll clean all that up later, but ideas don’t come out of my mind fully developed and edited in their first draft or “seed” state. And I write best when I DO NOT stop to edit myself and just let them flow during the first draft.  I don’t write to an outline, the outline reveals itself to me.  And that is is exactly what is happening here real time.

If you like the idea of being part of an unpredictable conversation, and watching a work in progress take shape and figure out what it wants to be, like a child growing up, then I invite you wholeheartedly to subscribe and to share your thoughts on my writing by posting comments.

 I LOVE being supported and agreed with but I also LOVE serious debate and challenging questions.

If you call me names or insult me personally, yes, I will delete your comments.  But if you respectfully share your questions and dissenting opinions, I will listen deeply, and if I can’t clarify or defend my position to meet the challenge, well I just might change my mind or reword myself to be clearer and more concise.

Challenging the Conventional Current Popular Views

I believe challenge makes ideas better.  And so I am also respectfully challenging some very popular books and ideas. It may not be politically correct to challenge the views of popular authors, but my feeling is that if they only want to hear flattery and praise for their books, and only want people to blow smoke up their butts then, they aren’t my kind of people anyway. 

My kind of people are “learners” not “evangelists”

Evangelists act as if their way is the best or only right way and so they are more concerned about “selling” their ideas in a popularity contest.

Insight Addicts…

are people who seek growth and the expansion of knowledge. We tend to enjoy conversations that debate and challenge ideas as well as add support ideas.  Let the best ideas win!  : )

This blog has several posts that are “streams of consciousness” that may or may not become part of  a book. So in the spirit of being a conversation with ideas in draft (not a scholarly work) I hope you’ll forgive the imperfections and use the ideas to feed your own learning quest. 

Are you one of my people?

I look forward to hearing from you!  If not, thanks for reading and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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